60 is the time for a blog, right?

Months ago, when my brain acknowledged that I was turning 60 in the near future, I decided I would write a blog.  I had written some notes about topics to discuss, and I thought I’d be clever and start writing the blog 60 days before the big day.  Well, I blew the deadline!  I didn’t have one of those nifty calendar wheels we legal secretaries relied on in the last millennium, and I should have started this 10 days ago.  Maybe this means I’ll only write 50 posts and we can just pretend there were 10 more.  Or I’ll keep writing.  That’s the beauty of this blog.  No rules, no opinions, no one to answer to.

Do you remember an exercise in elementary school where we had to figure out how old we’d be in the year 2000?  You’d have to deduct from the zero, carry the one, all that nonsense.  I figured out I’d be 44 in 2000, and that was way-far-away from anything we could imagine at the time.  A new century?  I’d be old in my mid-40s, but I was sure I’d be married and have lots of kids.

Well, one thing turned out to be true.  A new century.  But alas, no kids.  And that’s okay.  I have a godchild/niece who is my favorite woman on earth and that millennial teaches me something new every day.  Like it’s okay to take a chance.  So I’m taking a big chance and writing this blog.  Let me know what you think.


5 thoughts on “60 is the time for a blog, right?

  1. I’m proud of you. I always thought you should be a writer. Of what, I don’t know. But you certainly have the ability. Keep going long after the 60 BD deadline! Love you Sista! 💜


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