The 60 Blog Continues

You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.

Today I’m going to do some useful things.  You know, tasks like:  empty the dishwasher; work on my journaling and planning; continue reading my book club assignment (I only have nine days to finish 200 pages!); and sign up for free classes at the Apple store.  I didn’t even know they offered such things, but after next week, I should be an expert user of my iPhone and iPad.  Never mind that I’ve used these technological wonders for ten years.  I can make a call and send texts, but I can’t figure out how to get my iPhone calendar to sync with my iPad!

So now I’ve decided to learn how to properly use these toys.  I’ll Power My Work Day with my iPad and I’ll know all the Advanced Basics for both devices.  If you want me to add you to my Find My Friends app, let me know.

And as I sit here writing a list of themes for future blog posts, I wonder why I didn’t pursue writing as a career.  Turning 60 allows you to reflect on childhood memories, and what I’m thinking about today is the “book” I wrote when I was ten about girls joining a knitting club.  I wish I  had a copy of that potentially prize-winning tome, but alas, Kate Jacobs wrote the best-seller The Friday Night Knitting Club in 2006. Perhaps she found a copy of my 1966 novel and adapted it for the mass market (and not ten-year old girls).  Jacobs sure did power her work day.


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