Worrying the 60 Blog

Worrying is using your imagination to create things you don’t want.  My mother used to worry all the time…about things like household bills, our grades, or what she’d make for dinner.  And that “worry gene” appears to be genetic, and I’m now making an effort to not worry as much.

Where does worry get you?  Of course, you need a steady source of income to ensure that your mortgage will be paid and food will be on the table.  You need to ensure that your car is in good working order.  But why “give way to anxiety or unease”?  The mind dwells on your troubles which is a waste of time.  It’s like walking around with an umbrella and waiting for it to rain.

Instead, let’s concentrate on serenity and peacefulness. Wake up each morning and be thankful.  Enjoy the daylight and quietude.  Or enjoy the din of a busy workplace or chasing your kids around the park.  Remember the calm, the freedom from storm and disturbance.

Stop worrying about what can go wrong and get excited about what can go right.


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