Energizing the 60 Blog

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Some days, I just wish I had the wisdom of a ninety-year old, the body of a twenty-year old, and the energy of a three-year old. 

If the word “exercise” was written by your doctor on a prescription pad, would you follow those directions as well as if you were told to take your cholesterol medication?  I’m a rule-follower and take all of my daily pills when I’m told to, but can I get my butt out of the chair to take a walk or swim some laps?  Of course not.

Energy, defined as “the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity,” is something we wish we had in abundance.  I believe I have enough daily energy to sustain mental activity (I’m writing a blog, for goodness sake!) but my get-up-and-go and gotten-up-and-gone.  I need a walking buddy or a treadmill that will fit in a tiny condo.

These are just excuses, I know.  What I might do is visit my friend’s three-year-old daughter by the name of Moxie….yes, a synonym for energy.  Maybe she can give me some advice.




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