Feeding the 60 Blog


Food tastes better when you eat it with your family. 

Often, my bank will ask me a security question when I’m logging in to handle my online banking.  One of the questions is “What’s your favorite holiday?” and it’s easy to answer Thanksgiving Day.  The holiday always reminds me of family get togethers.  When we were kids, my mother cooked for us four and her parents.  As we got older, our group became smaller.  One year, Leslie and I took my dad to Mimi’s Cafe for Thanksgiving.  And because it was the three of us, the food did actually taste better.  I’ve had that turkey dinner years later and it was just okay.  It didn’t have the family love connection.

Several years ago, we took a road trip to Oakland to celebrate Thanksgiving with extended family, including my favorite woman on earth, Marissa McCann.  We were only six around the table and I specifically remember toasting to being surrounded by people who loved me.  And because of the love in the room that day, the food was extra-amazing!

To this day, Leslie can recreate my mother’s turkey stuffing.  It tastes great when we eat at a table full of friends and family (even though they politely decline sharing the stuffing because of the chicken livers!), but when we eat it at home, just the two of us, it’s not as good.  And it has nothing to do with the chicken livers.

In our family, we don’t hide crazy.  We put it on the front porch and offer it a cocktail.


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