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Jane Smiley:  Many people, myself among them, feel better at the mere sight of a book. 

Sunday, a day of rest and restoration.   Catching up on errands, watching recorded episodes of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, finishing my book club assignment.  We were to have dinner tonight to discuss “The Return of Sir Percival,” written by a local attorney, S. Alexander O’Keefe.  The book is a different spin on the Knights of the Round Table, and I had 100 pages to read before dinner.  The author was attending our dinner and I needed to be prepared to ask a knowledgeable question.  I was able to remind the author of a character’s name in his book, and he proved to be extremely passionate about Sir Arthur, Sir Percival and the ancient castles and properties where his book took place.

Our book club is now at 12 members and we have read over 40 books in our history.  We are a group of women, most of whom work in the legal field, and we all have a favorite genre of books to read.  Book clubs can be as fun, or serious, or quirky as you want them to be. I mean, book clubs are really just a place to gather with other book nerds and talk about books. While eating snacks. What’s not to love about that premise?  (

You know that feeling: you finish a book, and you just have to talk about it with someone.  Joining a book club gives you a monthly dose of literary discussion and wine with a bunch of other cool people.  You talk about books, you read books you wouldn’t ordinarily read, there are reading deadlines, and you can participate in literary debates.  What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon?!


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