Unpacking the 60 Blog

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We all have baggage, but there comes a time when you realize it’s time to unpack. 

I’ll admit it:  I’m a pack rat.  At my office, I collect vases, coffee cups, calendar wheels, post-it notes, legal pads, holiday labels, motivational collections, and envelopes.  It appears that I could have three cups of coffee, write several notes to co-workers, and address my holiday cards….all at the same time.

I spent this morning packing up the desk I occupied for 14 years.  Included in this mess of goodies was a box I brought over from my last office which contained, among other nonsense, a nameplate given to me more than 20 years ago when I passed the Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) exam.  Before carting my belongings to my car, I took inventory of what I was leaving behind.  I counted several trash cans and boxes filled with items I no longer wanted or needed, the office inherited several coffee mugs and vases, and my office manager and receptionist took home post-it notes and holiday decorations.

And yet I still managed to load three shopping bags, three bankers’ boxes, and a packing cart full of items into the back of my car.  My plan for the next week or two is to take out one box or bag at a time and sit in my driveway with a large trashcan.  (Those boxes cannot enter my house!)  A month before I turn 60 and I now finally realize it’s time to get rid of some baggage.  A legal pad with a calendar from 2011?  A receipt from a theater show I attended in 2012?  A  non-working clock radio?  A 2002 bank statement?  All recycled!  I did keep my personnel file from my job in 1989.

Eleanor Brown said:  “Clutter is not just physical stuff.  It’s old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits.  Clutter is anything that does not support your better self.”   After the last few months of self-renewal and reflection, I am ready to let it all go.  Do you have any advice?




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