Caffeinating the 60 Blog

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I only drink coffee Monday through Friday and on weekends.

Coffee.  It makes me happy.  I’m not a connoisseur, by any means, and I’m pretty boring with my choice at Starbucks.  I like dark bold coffee, sometimes black and sometimes with a bit of nonfat milk.  And iced coffee is good too!

Some may remember when a family member gave them their first taste of alcohol but Leslie distinctly recall having our first taste of coffee with our grandmother.  We thought we were sophisticated when she gave us a cup filled with a third coffee and two thirds milk.  It tasted so good, and I think we might have even drank it for a time with our pinky in the air!

When I was working a “real” job (not running an elevator on a Sunday), I remember taking the bus into Manhattan and walking past a bagel shop on the way to my office in the Empire State Building.  I asked for a “regular coffee and a bagel butter” and I soon realized my mistake when I was given my order.  A “regular coffee” is  dialectic term which means “coffee and two sugars” in New York, New Jersey and eastern Massachusetts.  Everywhere else “regular coffee” means “black coffee that hasn’t had the caffeine removed.”   In fact, the Urban Dictionary defines “regular coffee” as follows: Coffee that is not decaf. Nothing else.  Example: I said a large regular coffee, if I wanted cream and sugar I would have asked. DUH!

“Regular coffee” may have a “regular” meaning in New York these days, but on that morning on 34th Street in midtown Manhattan, I spit out my coffee because it had sugar in it!  Who would ruin coffee like that?

Of course, serving coffee today is a whole different ballgame.  There’s a Starbucks on almost every corner and you customize your drink exactly the way you want it.  I used to drink a Starbucks nonfat misto (their version of a cafe au lait) every day.  Then I tapered off to a few times a week.  Then it was once a week.  And now it’s maybe once during the weekend and it really is a special treat.  What’s a manicure on a Saturday morning without a caffeine fix?

Oh, we still make coffee at home.  Make a full pot, drink a few cups, and put the rest in the refrigerator for iced coffee the next day.  In fact, there’s one in the fridge right now.  I better drink it before Leslie gets home.




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