Coloring the 60 Blog

Image result for hair products in the 70s

No, they aren’t “grey” hairs, I’m just so fabulous that even my hair sparkles. 

I had my hair done today.  My hairdresser styled it differently today (she didn’t use the curling iron!) and she told me that I didn’t look matronly. What?  I never considered my hair to be matronly…except compared to my “baby” sister, who has purple and blue chunks of color.  I’m just a boring all-over blue/black color, but I never thought I looked matronly.

When we were kids, it was customary for women my mother’s age to visit the hairdresser once a week, have their hair teased to the limit, and then spray it with Aerolak.  Liquid aerosol hairspray, before we knew anything about vinyl chloride as a carcinogen, or that aerosol sprays, in general, were bad for the environment.  But the hairspray kept Mom’s hair in place for a week…especially when she wrapped her head in toilet paper and slept on a silk pillowcase every night.

When I was a teenager, I wanted the Dorothy Hamill haircut.  Who didn’t?  But alas, I didn’t have the right texture so I used the hairdryer pictured above (I got it as a gift for my Sweet Sixteen) to torture my hair into a Farrah Fawcett style.  The fluffier the wings the better!

What I’ve concluded is this:  one of the reasons I am on this earth is to make my hairdresser laugh.  At almost every visit, I show her a picture of what I want.  As far as my hair is concerned, I don’t get what I want, but it doesn’t work.  Today, I was asked “what are we doing with your hair today?” and my response was “surprise me.”  And she did.  And I was happy.



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