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Tom Spanbauer:  There ain’t nothing that happens to a person that isn’t that person.  The world out there only does what you tell it to do.  The world is happening to you the way it is happening because you’re telling yourself the story that way.

Do you believe in the power of the mind?  Whatever our mind believes to be true, we will experience it in our life.  It’s true for me.  “I’ve got a presentation and I’m going to be nervous speaking in front of those people.”  And sure enough, my palms are sweaty and I’m looking for the nearest restroom.  We live in our own belief system everyday.

What this means is that we must choose good beliefs, be positive and be happy.  If you make it a habit to think happy thoughts everyday, you will soon experience happy things in your life.  Thinking positively is the act of embracing success.  It is the process in which we create positive thoughts and focus on them as a means of expressing our desires.  Having purely positive thoughts brings energy and motivation to your goals and greatly increases the likelihood of achieving them.

The reverse is true too.  We often lose the will to dream big and believe in our faith to succeed.  And slowly our mind stops wondering and accepts reality.  With our mind not thinking of being successful, we may never achieve success.

Our mind can do wonders.  Have a dream bigger than obstacles in front of you and achieve the success that belongs to you.



  • So practise Law of Attraction, have a dream bigger than the obstacles in front of you and achieve the success that belong to you.



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