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Muhammad Ali:  Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.

Tomorrow is National Make a Difference Day. It must be official because it has “national” in its name.  Since 1992, Points of Light has partnered with various media outlets to promote one of the largest national days of community service.  Celebrated on the fourth Saturday of October, thousands of volunteers unite in a common mission to improve the lives of others.  (Source:

How will you make a difference? lists 65 ways you can make a difference, and most of them are quite easy.  I didn’t have anything specific planned to commemorate the day, but here’s my list of what I will do tomorrow and next week (and beyond, I’m sure)–all of which take little to no planning or money.

1.  Want to change the world?  Practice random acts of kindness.
2.  Like a challenge?  Your board game skills are in demand at the senior center.
3.  Read aloud to little kids at the library…they’ll love you!
4.  Feed your furry friends at the animal shelter; drop off a bag of food.
5.  Time is precious.  Share a bit of yours to help others.
6.  Kind words lift spirits.  Give a compliment and lift yours too.
7.  Help save a gazillion disposable water bottles and use reusable bottles.
8.  Save water and money.  Turn off the water when you brush your teeth.
9.  Breathe in nature.  Turn off the air conditioning and open a window.
10. See someone struggling with heavy bags or boxes?  Lend a hand.
These are ten things I can do next week, including dropping off a bag of pet food at the animal shelter.  Another suggested activity–snuggle a cat or dog at the shelter–will not be on my short list!
Tomorrow is also Leslie’s birthday, in addition to Make a Difference Day.  Leslie can participate in the day by giving a gift to someone in need, or perhaps she can snuggle a dog or cat. Ever since we were kids, Leslie and I would commemorate the 18 days between her birthday and mine, and acknowledge that I’m now only two years older than her.  Do you think I can boss her around more than usual?  Wait, it’ll probably be the other way around!

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