Handling the 60 Blog

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Sometimes ya gotta drink some coffee, put on some rock n’ roll, and handle your business.

I seem to write a lot about coffee.  And why not?  I like it!  But could I (or should I) write about everything I like?  Reading?  Healthy for the mind.  Television?  Not so healthy, if you sit on your butt all day watching the boob tube.  Spaghetti?  I will not eat cold leftovers.  Friends?  I am lucky to have a handful of very special friends and a lot of acquaintances.  (The special friends will remember my birthday without being reminded by Facebook.)

John W. Raper said “There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is having lots to do and not doing it.”  I’m sitting here on a Saturday morning with lots of things on my to-do list, but I am having fun because I’m not doing those things.  Right?  I’ll ask Alexa (our Amazon Echo) to put on some Eric Church or Garth Brooks, organize my paperwork (don’t forget to pay the dental insurance bill!), and give the illusion of handling my business.

Since I’ve been out-of-work, I have folders and notebooks taking over a corner of the dining room table.  In my mind, that pile represents my office.  I go through that pile of papers and books every day and get organized. (I even bought really cute file folders at the Target dollar bin.)  And I’m now making this promise to myself:  don’t just move the papers around.  Find Leslie’s birthday card and fill it out before the big celebration tonight.  Organize the medical bills and paperwork.  Read “The Year of Saying Yes” by Shonda Rimes.  Don’t just cross off items on your to-do list; rewrite the tasks still needing to be done and throw away the almost-complete list.  Get sh*t done!



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