Snowing the 60 Blog

Snowflakes by spacefem

Today, spend more time with people who bring out the best in you, not the stress in you.

Sometimes, I’m thankful that I’m currently out-of-work.  I spent the day with the greatest woman on earth today.  My godchild is an amazing, beautiful woman who will be 30 next year.  She has a degree from Cal State Berkeley and is currently between jobs and apartments.  Leslie and I spent Sunday afternoon with her and this morning, I woke up to find her watching last night’s season premiere of The Walking Dead. I don’t watch the show, but I loved watching her watch it.

I know the basic premise of the show, and as people were being killed, Marissa was animated, pacing, crying, yelling at the TV.  Popping eyeballs and a crazy episode.  I found myself wondering if I’d ever been as invested in a TV show as Marissa was today.  I recall loving TV all through my childhood, teen years, and certainly as an adult.  (I know I watch too much TV, but that’s for another blog.)

Is it a millennial thing?  Marissa’s generation will replace the baby-boomers as they retire.  In 2014, for the first time in more than 130 years, adults ages 18 to 34 were slightly more likely to be living in their parents’ home than they were to be living with a spouse or partner in their own household.   (Source:  Pew Research)

The Urban Dictionary defines a millennial as a “special little snowflake.” They believe themselves to be highly intelligent, and they are the only generation in the universe to understand the concept of work life balance and to actually want to find a fulfilling career. Millennials are the most technologically advanced generation, and they’re smart too.

Marissa is a highly intelligent, motivated, technologically advanced and beautiful woman who is on her way to becoming a great humanitarian, ready to help solve the world’s problems.  Although nearly-identical snowflakes can exist, they are very unlikely to be found in nature.  To me, Marissa is a one-of-a-kind diamond and I will do all that I can to ensure that others know her as the greatest woman on earth.





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