Cheesing the 60 Blog

Appetizers, biscuits, buffet

Most things can be improved by one of five things:  cheese, barbeque sauce, melted butter, ranch dressing, or chocolate. 

Pizza and ranch dressing?  Possibly.  Popcorn and melted butter?  If you insist.  Cheese with anything?  Yes please!  Cheese is one of my favorite things.  It’s not good for my cholesterol, but tell me something that doesn’t work with cheese!

I just opened up a Google search for “I like cheese” and you never know what you’ll find on Google.  According to the Urban Dictionary, “I like cheese” was used in the 70s to refer to something that was excellent.  For instance:  Person A:  I just won the jackpot!  Person B:  I like cheese!  Extra points to those of you who’ve used that expression before.

But an even better definition is this:  “An attempt by someone intelligent to end a thread that should have died long before.”  Perhaps the “I like cheese” phrase could be used to end a meeting that’s gone on too long.   Or you could use this:  You are dumb because I like cheese.

Today’s message is a bit of nonsense, but it does remind me that we need some groceries.  Cheese is on sale at Ralphs, and I’ll be there tomorrow.



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