Gassing the 60 Blog

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A year from now, everything you’re stressing about won’t even matter.

Last week, when I was putting gas in my car, I had to wedge the car close to the pump and was lucky to have enough room to squeeze my hand in the space to open my gas tank door.  I maneuvered the “extra long” hose (no, it’s not!) to fit into the gas tank and I filled up, while watching other cars line up to get to an empty pump.

Now, before I finish this not-so-interesting story, I must tell you that, since I have been out-of-work, I’ve tried to run my errands during the week, while working folk work.  When I worked, I got gas and went to the store on the weekends, and I generally found crowds of people.  During the work week,there should be a lot less people running their errands.  Instead, there are people filling up the gas stations and post offices.  Who are all these people and why are they bothering me?

But back to the gas station.  After my tank was full, I needed to maneuver the pump and return it to its holder, and then close my gas tank cap.  My car was cattywampus and I didn’t have much room to close the gas tank and slither into my driver’s seat.

Alas, I pushed so hard to close the gas tank that I pushed it in too far and now it can’t open!  Since I bought the new car in 2004, it never was an issue that the car didn’t have a fuel-door release inside the car.  (What’s up with that, Nissan?)  So now I can’t open the gas tank and my trusted mechanic tells me it will take a few hours to take my trunk apart and open the gas tank from the inside.

Which means I have to clean out my trunk.  At least I know that in a year, it won’t even matter.



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