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I never know what’s going to happen when I go to Walmart.  Will I be there for five minutes?  Five hours?  Will I spend $5?  $500?  Who knows?

Today, it was time for my monthly Walmart adventure.  In one tiny aisle, I found Halloween candy at 50% off and throughout pretty much the rest of the store–Christmas!  Nobody needs disposable baking pans or peppermint hand soap during any other time of the year, so let’s start shoving it all in your face seven weeks before Christmas.  Am I right?

I, for one, enjoy a nice balsam or pine fragrance any time of the year.  Marshmallow creme or pumpkin spice cookies can be enjoyed in June or November.  I have learned that, when you see something at a store (I’m looking at you, Costco!) weeks before Christmas, buy it now because it won’t be there the next time you’re at the store.   So I did snatch up a few stocking stuffers today, while also buying some half-price Halloween candy.

Of course, the holiday season is the money maker for retailer.  And those who work retail are to be commended for their patience and stamina.  After all, they have to work with seasonal employees, who normally would never qualify to work in retail.  They are forced to listen to the same Christmas music over and over.  They are consistently asked “Oh, they make you work Christmas Eve?” Their friends and family feel more than okay with abusing their employee discount.  And, of course, they know that working during the holidays will sap every ounce of Christmas spirit from them.

And, therefore, I ask that you treat retail workers with compassion.  Go easy on them.  If the store closes at 8:00, don’t show up at 7:57.  Always keep your receipts.  And get your shopping done early.  Everyone will be happy.



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