Forwarding the 60 Blog

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Your speed doesn’t matter; forward is forward.

It’s Saturday and I have no plans today.  However, unlike other days this week, I styled my hair instead of trying to rock a baseball cap.  (Some people just aren’t meant to wear baseball caps.)  Leslie will pick me up after her errands and we may visit a new local shopping center.  Maybe we’ll try the new frozen yogurt place.

It’s quiet here in the house.  I haven’t yet asked Alexa to “play Pandora” and I just opened the slider to the patio.  I’m just enjoying the quiet hum of the ceiling fan and my fingers striking the laptop keyboard.  Is this wrong?  Am I moving forward?

Several posts on Facebook today make me think I’m not doing enough.  Two friends participated in a walk for the American Diabetes Association today.  An acquaintance ran a 5k in New York.  Several friends are displaying their products at vendor shows and exhibitions.  I’m going to have frozen yogurt.

Elizabeth Smart said:  Nobody is trial-free, but we have a choice.  We can choose to allow our experiences to hold us back, and to not allow us to become great or achieve greatness in this life.  Or we can allow our experiences to push us forward, to make us grateful for every day we have, and to be all the more thankful for those who are around us.

I often think about how grateful I am.  I have a little money in the bank.  I have more than a dozen friends joining me in Las Vegas next week to help celebrate my birthday.   (At least that’s what I tell myself.  Who am I kidding?  They’re going to Vegas to try and win a fortune!)

Here’s my new goal, which would move me forward a bit:  if the Chicago Cubs can win the World Series after a 108-year losing streak, I can win big money at bingo next week.  It’s only been 20 years.  I won $1,000 at 11:55 p.m. playing bingo in Las Vegas on the night of my 40th birthday.  Bring it on, Lady Luck!


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