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The older you get, the more you realize you have no desire for drama, conflict, or any kind of intensity.  You just want a cozy home, a nice book, and a person who knows how you drink your coffee.

Our book club met today.  “Corrupted” by Lisa Scottoline takes place in Pennsylvania and our hostess, Jeanette, served delicious Philly cheese steak sandwiches for lunch.  Genius!

We typically spend a few minutes eating, a few minutes talking about the book, and about an hour solving the world’s problems. Today was a little different because, for a change, every one of us read the book and enjoyed it.  We didn’t all like one of the main characters, the killer was a surprise, and we enjoyed the legal aspects of the book.

Do you belong to a book club?  There are some really good reasons to start and/or join one.  Google?  Why a book club?

1. Fostering friendships:  Very true.  If you are meeting up with the same people every month, you’ll get to know them better and better as time goes on. Your book club will become something you can rely on, much like a strong friendship.

2.  Food and drink: When you commit to a book club, be sure to bring your opinions about the book you read as well as your appetite.  We’re all excited about the book we’ve just read, but we’re also eager to see what the hostess has decided to serve.  Often, the hostess will tie in the food with the theme of the book (as Jeanette did today), or the hostess will pick up some local take-out food that perfectly hits the spot that Sunday afternoon.

3. Read books outside your wheelhouse:  I tend to read similar books, but as a result of being in a book club, it’s easy to try out new genres.  I have been delighted by how much I enjoyed titles I would not have looked at twice otherwise. It’s also fun to see what kind of books your book club pals will choose, too. It’s just another way to get to know a person.  (Note:  I’m still not sure I can be convinced to read a vampire book!)

4:  Conversations can happen:  As I said, we talk about the book and then the world’s problems.  With the fostering of friendships and all that food, you have plenty to keep the group occupied.

5.  Consistent reading:  Being a part of a book club means I will be reading at least one book a month no matter what. Usually, I’ll finish it early and grab something else to read in the meantime.

Why not start a book club of your own in the new year?



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