Feting the 60 Blog

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Rabbi Nachman:  The day you were born is the day God decided that the world could not exist without you. 

My mechanic is such a nice guy.  I drove there this morning to conclude the saga of the broken gas cap door.  He told me it would take a few hours to fix and offered to loan me a car so I wouldn’t have to sit on those (uncomfortable!) chairs waiting for the service to be done.  He loaned me his Mercedes.  Yes, the only time in my life that I have ever (and will ever) drive a Mercedes.  I couldn’t quickly figure out how to move the seat back, so I just drove to Starbucks, drank there for a few hours, and then drove home to wait until he calls me.

This day, so far, could be seen as a bummer birthday, but it’s just a day.  Get up early, have work done on the car, and plan on spending big bucks to have that work done.  But on the bright side, I got to enjoy a Starbucks and a refill, and I’m now sitting in my nice clean dining room, thanks to our cleaning lady’s visit today.

Leslie and some friends will take me to dinner tonight and we’ll talk about politics and the weather.  (It was 91 degrees at noon today!)  Some of us are not happy about the outcome of the election and we’ll have to get angry if my affordable healthcare is taken away.  Mr. Trump continues to be the only world leader who denies the existence of climate change, and we shall see how that affects our country over the next four years and generations to come.

I’ll continue celebrating my next decade and keep my fingers crossed that our country doesn’t go to pot in the interim.




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