Beautifying the 60 Blog

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Have you ever wondered if the dollar bills in your purse or wallet were ever in a stripper’s butt crack?  If not, you’re wondering now.  Have a nice day!

I’m in the minority I know. I went to the bank yesterday to cash a check and withdraw some cash to take on vacation.  We leave on our road trip to Las Vegas on Sunday morning and it’s only two more sleeps until we leave!  I’ll be wondering where my dollar bills came from while sitting in the back seat of the car.

Leslie is packing today because she has a work-related charity event to attend tomorrow evening.  After my morning and afternoon of beauty, I’ll come home and pack.  As Dolly Parton is famous for saying: You’d be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap.  Well, I may not be cheap, but I’ve got to have these gray hairs colored and the overgrown eyebrows threaded.

I’ll be seeing some friends in Las Vegas that I haven’t seen in years, including one I haven’t seen in 40 years!  She also turned 60 this year, and another friend turns 60 next month.  We all look great, but I don’t want my eyebrows to be the focus of any photos taken!

I’m told that life after 60 is whatever you make it. I know people in their 60s who are in the best shape of their lives. I also know men and women who struggle to get out of the house once a day.  Life after 60 is mine to define.

Bette Davis once said, in her classic no-nonsense way, “Old age ain’t no place for sissies.” She even had a sofa pillow embroidered with the quote for all her guests to see.   I’ve had some people say “you look pretty good for 60,” and I wonder if everyone is supposed to look bad at 60. If I were 45 and look as I do now, would I look horribly worn out?

So it’s time to get the beauty works done tomorrow.  I’d like to look younger than 60, perhaps not a day over 58.




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