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I’m taking a trip.  I need four outfits.  I packed 35…just in case.

We leave in the morning for Las Vegas.  In my mind, I have all my outfits and toiletries laid out on the bed near the suitcase.  I’ll just gather everything, roll together each day’s outfit, and just pack away.

But no.  Leslie admits to having ADD when it comes to packing.  She’ll start packing, think of something she wants to include, and goes off on a tangent before she sits back down and continues packing.  I don’t do that!  Right?

But yes I do.

I’m not going to a third-world country.  It’s Las Vegas for goodness sake.  They have everything I could need in case I forgot something….except gum.  Las Vegas trivia: Did you know many casino gift shops don’t sell gum?  That’s because casinos got tired of cleaning up the discarded gum.  (Ditto at Disneyland.)  Better remember the gum.

Did you know that you can’t be a Las Vegas hotel without a hotel cafe?  And it’s illegal to hula hoop on the streets in Las Vegas.  (The City Council  claimed that they block pedestrian traffic, thus affecting businesses.)   Also, pets are banned on the Strip. While people will be allowed to walk their dogs between 5am and noon, the ordinance is intended to keep panhandlers from making dogs stay in one spot for extended periods during hot summer days and to protect tourists from being bitten, as a California man was last year. As one blog noted, while pets may be gone, “party animals [are] still allowed.”

That settles it.  Pack the gum and leave the hula hoop home.  Damn it, there goes all the fun.



One thought on “Readying the 60 Blog

  1. I have removed my Hulu hoop from the car we will have to find something else to do. I have cut back my packing to 25 outfits. Looking forward to celebrating your Birthday in Las Vegas – with or without gum

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