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I decided to go on a road trip and not come back until I ran out of money.  I walked to the end of the driveway and back.

Sunday morning.  Early for some of us.  Three sets of luggage in one car, and then we’ll transfer everything to a bigger car for the drive across the desert.  We have road sandwiches, chips, fruit, soda, chocolate.  And a deep desire to stop at Starbucks on the way.

The halfway point of the trip is the outlets in Barstow.  We typically stop at the Coach outlet and ooh-and-aah at the great discounted prices on the gorgeous purses we have to have.  Not this time.  We didn’t stop until Baker, home of the world’s largest thermometer. I’m so proud of me!

Jeanette made awesome time with the drive. Less than four hours and we were here!  Getting my assigned room was a trick, and we will talk about that at a later date. 

We’re meeting a large group of friends for dinner tonight (just as this is being published).  Two friends are flying in from New York, two are driving from Arizona, and everyone else is coming from Southern California.  I’m writing this in advance, so I can’t truly tell you how special dinner was.    I just know that the company and the food and the friendship was (will be?) spectacular.


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