Gaming the 60 Blog

Image result for you in the background in a vacation photo

Do you ever wonder how many tourist photos you’re in the background of? 

Day two of vacation.  We played in day one of the bingo tournament.  Nine of us played 20 games that each paid $10,000, except for the last game, which paid $50,000.

My imaginary vision board has pictures of me winning.  My new manicure showing off the cash.  A picture of my room’s bedspread with the money splayed across the bed.

Jumping in for an update at intermission. Of the nine of us, we haven’t won anything yet. I’m wearing a tiara that has a big 6-0 on it, and still the bingo gods have not yet noticed me.  More in a couple of hours. Stay tuned. 

Day 1 is complete and we didn’t win anything!  The room holds 1400 people, we played about 20 games, and we were logically unlucky. So tell me how one guy won twice and some lady won three times today?  I hope I don’t run into them later.  Of course, I’d have to know what they look like. =)


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