Enjoying the 60 Blog

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Friend:  Are you getting enough sleep?
Me:  Sometimes when I sneeze, my eyes close. 

Tuesday.  We played bingo yesterday.  We ate, we gambled.  We won, we lost.  And we definitely have been having fun.  And not sleeping much.  We’re still on the winner waiting list. 

I’ve been appreciating being on this earth for 60 years.  Last night, we had dinner with friends we’ve known since we were young teenagers. We all went away for the summer as campers and counselors, and our friends remember lots of details from 40 years ago. I’m constantly amazed how one can recall seemingly mundane incidents like what I wore to my Sweet Sixteen. How do you do that?

As we chatted for hours (we were actually thrown out of the restaurant because they wanted to close for the night!), I looked at this small group of friends. We are different in so many ways yet so alike. We have these friends for life and I’m richer for it. 

Jet Blue announced a fare sale today. I hope our two New York friends will consider coming back to Orange County or Las Vegas early next year, and our Arizona friends can just hop in the car for another visit. We can’t wait another forty years!







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