Bugging the 60 Blog

Funny Pictures And Quotes About Fear Of Spiders

I’m a non-violent person until I see a spider.  Then I turn into Al Capone and scream “I want him dead.”  “I want his family dead.”  “I want his house burned to the ground.”

Do you kill a spider when you see one?  Or do you gently escort it out of your house so it can thrive elsewhere? The average human has a bigger fear of spiders than of death.   I just find them skeevy, but I’ll wad up some toilet paper and crush that sucker.  Leslie will always ask me to kill the spiders in her wing of the house, and after it’s been squished, she will always ask “is it dead?”  As if I’d just enrobe the spider in paper and leave it alive in the trash can.  =)

Do you have a bug or insect phobia?  I’m pretty neutral about bugs.  I know I’m bigger than a spider and there’s not much he can do to me.  It doesn’t matter where the phobia comes from; you were probably very scared at a time when you were thinking about or looking at an insect.  Perhaps a parent, also fearful of bugs, screamed every time they saw one, perhaps one made you jump, perhaps you saw one too many horror films….  It doesn’t matter.  (My mother was terrified of bugs.)

I read this today and I think the advice can be used everyday:  “Turn your fear into anger, rage, hatred.  Let the fear (bugs in this case) know if they cross your path, you will kill them.  This method works no matter what you’re afraid of.  Hatred is very powerful.  One day you will walk around looking for bugs, just so you can stomp on them.”

Of course, I don’t advocate that you try to kill the American Airlines pilot when you’re boarding a flight because you’re afraid of flying.  But it just might help with the little spiders and silverfish in your bathroom.



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