Warehousing the 60 Blog


You’re right, shopping won’t fix the problem.  But it will put me in a better mood for when I actually have to deal with the problem.

We’re hosting Thanksgiving for friends, friends-of-friends, and children-of-friends.  We haven’t made a turkey in about 25 years (story to follow), so we ordered a turkey dinner from a local grocery store.  The clerk told me it will take two hours to heat up the turkey, green bean casserole, and potatoes; I’m not sure about that.  I went to Costco today so I could pick up some ham and other necessities before the big day, and it was a mad house!  I knew it would be worse later in the week, so I went after the lunch hour on Monday.

I picked up the necessities, including the all-important toilet paper and a beautiful shrimp cocktail tray and–guess what–I forgot the ham!  I hope our guests who don’t like turkey will fill up on two kinds of potatoes, stuffing, green beans, rolls, cranberries, and dessert.

The meat section at Costco reminded me of Pike Place Market in Seattle with the flying fish.  There were butchers literally throwing frozen turkeys into the display case and customers grabbing them just as fast.  If I wasn’t ready to get the hell out of there, I would have filmed the activity.

Many years ago, when Leslie and I shared an apartment before this condo, we invited about ten friends over for turkey.  What was unusual about this event was that it was in the summer.  Did you know you can still buy canned green beans, cranberry sauce and french fried onions at any time of the year?  No big in-the-aisle displays, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find these “out-of-season” items.

Our apartment was roomy enough, but the kitchen was a narrow galley-type.  If you were bending over to put something in the oven, your butt was practically in the sink.  It was almost as narrow as a bowling lane.  The turkey went into the oven and, after several hours and many cocktails, we realized that we weren’t smelling anything yummy coming from the kitchen.  I went to check and discovered that the push-in/pull-out button to turn te oven on and off had been pushed in and the oven was turned off!  I must have pushed the button with my butt when I was loading the dishwasher.  The turkey sitting in the oven was white as a ghost, so we turned the oven temp up to maybe 500 degrees and flame-broiled that sucker!  It turned out very tasty, and we can laugh about it now.  It certainly wasn’t funny at the time.

I’m happy Marcy agreed to come to dinner on Thursday.  I think it’s because she knew we were buying a cooked turkey and she wouldn’t have to assume I turned on the oven!



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