Smelling the 60 Blog

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When the kitchen smells spicy and wonderful, it can only mean one thing…it’s not my kitchen.

We hit the ground running today.  Or maybe it was just me while Leslie slept in, enjoying her day off.  Coffee, stuffing ingredients (onions, celery, chicken livers, Ritz crackers), cranberry relish.  Leslie finished preparing the stuffing, and we were off to take out the serving platters and dishes, and find the tablecloth and napkins.  Done and done.

Tomorrow, it’s the parade and the national dog show on the TV, and then I’ll pick up the turkey dinner from the grocery store.  Our friends will be here in the afternoon, and by then the kitchen will really be smelling like Thanksgiving.

Friends, friends-of-friends, and children-of-friends will make tomorrow a memorable Friendsgiving.  We’ll play Rummi-kub and Fact or Crap (a fun game!) and try to solve the world’s problems.  Luckily, our dinner table will be made up of people with like-minded political views so we won’t be arguing about presidential politics.  I’m sure a lot of my friends can’t say the same thing.

Thanksgiving.  Friendsgiving.  Just remember:  Friends are the family you choose.



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