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This coffee would be better if I could throw it at people.

We spent the day binge-watching Gilmore Girls:  A Year in the Life on Netflix and it was terrific.  Lots of cameos, lots of pop culture references (Rosemary Clooney!  Flash mobs!  Glitter!), and the four 90-minute episodes were very satisfying.

At the start of the first episode, I started counting how many times Loralai and Rory drank or talked about coffee.  I lost count pretty early on, but the total has to be over a hundred.   Local coffee shops, Starbucks, and a closed diner on the Pacific Coast Trail all proved to be pivotal points in the show.

It was a quiet day for a Friday.  I’ve been meaning to sit outside in the fresh air on the patio to continue reading our next book club book.  I started it last week and I’ve only read about 20 pages.  I have two weeks to read the rest of the book and I better find more free time.  Just kidding.

Leslie reads all her books using the Audible app.  She runs through several books in a month.  She has Bourbon Kings on Audible, so I’ll have her set me up.  I’ll use our Amazon Echo and have Alexa read the book to me next week while I’m working and writing at home.   It’s like having a little robot on your counter.  Ask Alexa to play your favorite Pandora station, or question her about politics or the weather in Taipei, and she’s ready to answer everything.  If you don’t have an Echo (or its younger cousin, the Echo Dot), you should do yourself a favor and buy yourself one for Christmas.

Alexa, what are people saying about the final four words of the last episode of Gilmore Girls?  I won’t spoil it for you, but you’ll love it!


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