Raining the 60 Blog

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Rumi:  Raise your words, not your voice.  It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.

I spent the day at the movies today.  And when we left the theater, it was raining.  Yes, raining in Southern California.  We certainly need the rain here, and I think it’s supposed to rain the rest of the weekend.  But it was a little inconvenient for me when I walked to my car without a jacket or an umbrella.

It was already dark, but as I walked to the car, I imagined that it was still daylight and I was enjoying the brisk stroll.  I was getting wet, very wet, and all I could smell was hairspray.  Which, of course, was no longer holding my hair in place.  I was basically looking and feeling like a drowned rat.

When the family moved to California in 1982, my mom wasn’t keen on the idea.  Of course, she moved and eventually enjoyed her time here.  For a long period of time after we moved, my mother always reminded us how dry it was and how Californians didn’t get to enjoy a change of seasons.  After months, Southern California finally experienced a long period of rain and my mother literally went outside the house and danced in the rain.  It was a sight to see!

If you don’t live in California, this is what we get excited about:  (1) rain; (2) when avocados are on sale; (3) when it’s raining; (4) going to In-N-Out for hamburgers; and (5) when water falls from the sky.

Oh so true.


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