Delivering the 60 Blog


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Online shopping gives me a reason to live for another 3-5 business days.

We didn’t do any brick-and-mortar shopping this holiday season and, except for a few gift cards we still need to pick up, Leslie and I are done with our shopping.

I was reminded of this because, as I’m sitting here drinking coffee and checking emails, I heard a few packages dropped on our front step.  That must be Ulta, Zazzle and Blue Q items being delivered as a result of our shopping during the week of Thanksgiving.  Online shopping–there’s nothing like it.

Being out-of-work has certainly curtailed my shopping habit.  Of course, the very limited income plays a big part in the stopping-of-shopping.  I used to receive dozens of emails a day from different shopping websites, including several discount sites (for example, Rue La La and Haute Look).  Last year, I bought quite a bit from Rue La La that it was economical for me to purchase their one-price-shopping ($40 paid for free shipping all year long).  That ended a few months ago and I didn’t renew it.  Look, I just saved $40!  =)  I have also removed myself from about twenty email lists.  Really, I don’t need to keep getting emails from companies that I ordered from more than a year ago.  (I’m looking at you and  Go away!)

Once Leslie finishes making some holiday cards, and the dining room table is cleaned of its craft supplies, we will then turn the table into a gift wrapping station.  I’m thankful Leslie enjoys wrapping presents, and I’ll be sure to pay her for a job-well-done (by giving her another present, that I will manage to wrap myself).




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