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Doe Zantamata:  Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective.

In a class I attended yesterday, the instructor lead us through a guided imagery exercise.  We were to picture ourselves surrounding a mountain and things, like weather, occurred around us.  During this meditation, I envisioned that I was standing tall in a Wonder Woman pose and watching what was happening in my vicinity.

We also did a cognitive exercise to determine how some thoughts we have during the day may be distorted.  For instance, “I can’t do that because it’s too much work” is distorted because, for instance, it’s all-or-nothing, it’s an over-generalization, it jumps to a conclusion, it magnifies the negative, and it’s an example of emotional reasoning.  We often believe that what we feel must automatically be true.  Maybe we think:  If we feel stupid and boring, then we must be stupid and boring.

I spent the day today “doing nothing.”  Oh, I organized a file cabinet, I did some laundry, I made dinner, I read, I listed to music, and basically relaxed.  But I also spent the day thinking about standing in my Wonder Woman pose (I admit it…I might have also imagined me wearing the costume…don’t judge!) and pictured myself ready to take on some new challenges.

If what we believe must be true, I will start thinking these thoughts:  “I can do that.  I’ve got this.  Bring it on.”



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