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Some days I amaze myself.  Other days I look for my phone while I’m holding it.

A quiet day today.  I needed to leave the house because, of course, I needed fresh air, and also because the cleaning lady was coming.  I neither wanted nor needed to be here while she was doing her fine job.

I ran errands, I drank coffee, and I braved Costco once again.  And there, people tested my patience as I tried to maneuver through the books and holiday decorations.  Samples of mashed potatoes and peppermint bark were being offered…and I realized once again I had made the mistake of going to the store during a weekday lunch hour.

Nevertheless, we now have paper towel, tissues, and generic Advil, and I hope to not have to visit Costco until January.  What could we possibly need?  If there’s anything Leslie can think of, Leslie will have to go buy it!

I came home, ready for peace and quiet, and found that our cleaning lady had not yet arrived.  Grumble…..and then she showed up five minutes after me.  I relegated myself to the patio, wrapped in an afghan because it was “chilly” and continued to read my book.  I have 100 pages to go and I still have just under two weeks until book club meets again.  Yahoo, I can likely squeeze in another book!

Today, I wish Marcy, my friend of 39 years, a very happy birthday.  Which reminds me:  tomorrow, I will write about the upcoming national dates we will be celebrating in December.  I bet you can’t wait.


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