Calendaring the 60 Blog

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May your December be filled with good thoughts, kind people, and happy moments.

What will you be celebrating this month?  Possibly a birthday, Christmas or Hanukkah, and the first day of winter.  Don’t forget all the upcoming holidays to observe in the next few weeks.

Sunday is the day to put on your funkiest socks, bake cookies and play a dice game.  (Bunco or Yahtzee, anyone?)  Tuesday is the day to make some microwave popcorn and celebrate that wonder of technology as you snack.

Pearls are important:  we will honor National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day on December 7 and wear our favorite jewelry on December 15 because it’s National Wear Your Pearls Day, of course.

How many of us remember being at our grandparents’ house and eyeing the bowl of hard candy?  My grandfather was fond of telling us to “not eat junk” and I’ll be thinking of him on December 19 on National Hard Candy Day.  What was your grandparents’ go-to hard candy?  I remember cinnamon and butterscotch disks.  Yum.

On December 22, we’re encouraged to go through our gift closet and celebrate National Regifting Day.  Christmas Day is also known as A’phabet day.  Get it?  No “L” Day?  Hanukkah falls on a later date this year; the first of eight nights of celebration will be on Christmas Eve.  I will participate in National Card Playing Day on December 28 and Make Up Your Mind Day on December 31.

Also, don’t forget to wash your hands next week since National Handwashing Awareness Week is set for December 4-10.  Is there anyone who is unaware of handwashing?  Just curious.

And finally, Leslie and I will be celebrating Bingo’s Birthday Month in December by going to play bingo on Sunday.  They’re giving away free beach bags that day!





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