Crafting the 60 Blog

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Scrapbooking is all fun and games until someone loses an eyelet.

I’ve never been creative.  Or at least I don’t give myself the credit for being creative.  I’m sitting here at the laptop and Leslie is busily cutting out pieces of cardstock and rubber stamping holiday ideas for some handmade Christmas cards.  Strings of lights, snowmen, trees, buttons.  They will be darling and ooh-ed and aah-ed by all recipients.

Me?  I like to watch Leslie be creative.  When I was younger, I tried knitting, but didn’t stick to it, and took more classes about ten years ago.  No go.  The bag of yarn and needles is collecting dust in the garage.  Printed and counted cross-stitch was always a favorite and I was given a beautiful tablecloth by a friend to needlepoint….and I stare at the materials daily.

I joined a meet-up group of planners.  Those ladies are serious (serial?) collectors of planners, pens, stickers, supplies.  I mean, really, who needs more than one planner?  Maybe two (one for work and one for play), but these gals have a separate planner for kids’ activities, work, doctors’ appointments, gym dates, you-name-it.  I attended a couple of the planner meetings and tried to be creative with my stickers and lettering.  Tried.  I love the overwhelming zeal of these women, and I will muster up more enthusiasm in the near future.

I’ve now decided I want to take a calligraphy course.  I have decent handwriting, but the planners I’ve met have used some beautiful hand-lettering.  Alas, there is no local meet-up class to learn this simple art.  Tomorrow, I will go on Amazon and look into a kit that I can learn from.  I’ll add that to my Christmas wish list.

But first, I’m going to sit down this afternoon and take out one of my adult coloring books.  How can I not be creative when the pictures are already drawn for me and I just have to color between the lines?


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