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If anyone ever tells you your dreams are silly, remember there’s some millionaire walking around who invented the pool noodle.

I don’t remember many of my dreams, but last night’s was a good one!  In fact, I’m probably thankful that my phone dinged with a text and that’s what woke me from the dream.

I was at a coffee shop on what appeared to be a college campus.  I was at a corner table with a gal I used to work with and some unfamiliar faces.  We were looking at the line of people waiting to order and saw Tom Hanks trying to avoid looking at anyone in the shop.  We saw him and wanted to get a picture of him to post on Facebook, but instead, I got up to get in line.  I grabbed my canvas tote bag and for some reason decided to leave my purse with my friends at the table.

When I got to the front of the line (and didn’t get a face-to-face with Tom), I ordered a large coffee and asked about their muffin choices.  When the clerk told me my total was $2.00 (what city was I in for such a cheap breakfast?!), I turned back to my table because I had left my purse there.  Alas, my friends and my purse were gone!  I started crying and flailing my arms around.  I lamented that my car had been broken into last week, and that I had just lost $184 in cash.  I wondered out loud if my passport had been in my purse.  (What?  I only carry that with me when I travel.)

The clerk needed to move me (the hysterical woman) out of the way of paying customers, so she moved me to what appeared to be a little police substation.  A little trailer and a cop that just wanted me gone.  I remember the clerk trying to get the cop’s attention to tell me that my psychiatrist was trying to get me to Face Time with her to calm me down.  How did she know where I was?

As I said, a text tone woke me, so I don’t know if I ever found my purse and got my raspberry muffin.  But I did a little bit of internet research about having your purse stolen and celebrities.

Each person in our dream requires us to spend time thinking about what qualities stand out most about them and what personality traits they have that we can see in ourselves.  Tom appears to be earnest and an every-man.  Others who have dreamed of Tom were told that he may symbolize one’s masculine side: dependable, assertive, worldly, and/or confident. Celebrities may also reflect an idea or situation that you may feel is more important than anything else in your life.

To dream of a purse represents your identity or sense of self.  Conversely, losing a purse could represent a loss of self-identity.  A purse can represent thoughts, feelings, or life situations that give you confidence, power, or make you feel complete as a person.  Losing your purse may symbolize losing touch with who you are, or giving up habits or life situations that make you feel confident or complete as a person.

I’ve spent the afternoon thinking about how this research was enlightening.   Being out-of-work has been an unfamiliar situation for me.  I’m concerned about finances, of course, and I currently can’t use the description “legal secretary” to identify myself.   So what am I?  Still dependable and confident, but also worried about what the future will bring.  Am I retired?  Am I temporarily unemployed?

I’m still working on defining myself and to ensure that I continue to have financial security.  If anyone knows Tom Hanks and would ask him to lend me $184, I’d appreciate it.  (Just kidding….I don’t carry that much money in my wallet!)


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