Cupcaking the 60 Blog

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Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles.

Last week, we celebrated the holidays at our monthly home bingo.  Leslie wore reindeer ears and everyone was festive and talkative about their holiday plans.  Last night, Leslie forgot to wear her ears, yet we still enjoyed our monthly bunco game.  Darlene likes to host in December, and her house is amply decorated for Christmas.  Trees, ornaments, musical clocks, decorated plates, and dozens of homemade holiday cookies and desserts.  You leave Darlene’s house wanting to never eat another Christmas cookie again…until the next day, when you see the plate of cookies you brought home.  Yum!

Tonight, it’s book club.  Our hostess’s home will be beautifully decorated and we’ll get to meet her two young children.  One of our club members has made it a habit to bring Sprinkle’s cupcakes to each book club meeting, so we’ll be having those for dessert…and probably breakfast tomorrow.

The women in these three groups (bingo, bunco and book club) overlap.  Some wouldn’t be caught dead playing bingo, and others don’t want to have to read a book on a schedule.  Most everyone is in the legal field or retired from the legal field.  We all have strong opinions and, especially at book club (after we’ve finished discussing the book), we sit around and solve all of the world’s problems.  Southern California is expecting rain tonight, so I suspect that our main order of business will be whether we brought umbrellas with us.

I just have to remind Leslie to wear her reindeer ears.


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