Brunching the 60 Blog

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If you have nothing in life but a good friend, you’re rich.

We had brunch today at Carly’s house.  Carly took over the mantle of hosting a brunch on the Sunday before Christmas from her mother.  Jayne, one of our best friends, died in 2010 and we think of her everyday.

To make a long story short, Jayne went to the doctor for an elective and routine medical procedure on a Friday afternoon and the doctor made a “mistake.”  She had a stroke and was making a miraculous recovery when she died around her birthday.  She left behind a daughter and son-in-law, two grandchildren, a brother, a mother and god-bless-her, a grandmother.

While it’s been more than six years, it also feels like yesterday.  We get together with Carly and her family often, and Carly has taken her mom’s seat at the March bingo tournament in Las Vegas.  Attending this annual event brings back memories of the many years that Jayne hosted it.  She’d make all the brunch food and mimosas, and usually served her cookies made with chow mein noodles and chocolate.

The brunch allows to catch up with a few friends we haven’t seen since the last brunch.  Over the years, our conversations have changed.  We used to talk about work situations, children, and vacations.  Now we talk about aches, pains, and retirement.  And we always talk about Jayne.  Of course.

Having Jayne as a friend has indeed made us all rich.  I love you.





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