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Joyce Meyer:  Patience is not just about waiting for something.  It’s about how you wait, or your attitude while waiting.

We had Christmas Eve/Hanukkah dinner at a local Jewish deli tonight.  We knew the restaurant would be crowded and we were told that we could call and be put on the 30-minute list, which meant we could be seated pretty soon after we arrived.  But we needed our whole party present to be seated and, well, let’s just say….we waited too long for our table.

I understand how stressful it is for restaurant workers to work on a holiday, and I didn’t want to be the nasty customer.  I tried to be patient and understanding when the hostess told us they had two parties of seven named Leslie (yeah, right).  They first tried to seat us at two round tables on the patio.  We couldn’t put the tables together, so it would have been almost like the adult and kid tables at Thanksgiving.  The manager finally stepped in and gave us a big table, and a couple of free appetizers for our trouble.

And that’s why I’ll continue going to this restaurant.  We expected a crowd, and certainly would not have been surprised by surly wait staff.  On the contrary, the waiters and management were very pleasant and didn’t appear as if they were counting the minutes until the restaurant closed.

I’ve never worked in the restaurant business, and Marissa (aka the-best-girl-on-earth) has been working as a server for years.  At dinner, she went out of her way to say thank you to every bus boy, manager, waiter, and worker.  She knows what it’s like to be appreciated as a server, and has probably has been on the receiving end of good and bad customers.  I hope we didn’t come across as too needy tonight, but if I had to pick on anyone, it would be the hostess who told us there were two Leslie parties of seven.




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