Bagging the 60 Blog

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My parents didn’t ever actually teach how to adult.  The only things I learned were to hoard plastic bags within plastic bags and that, whenever there is a person in your house, you feed them.

We braved Target today to find after-Christmas deals.  They were almost all gone!  We found a container of pine-scented soap at half-price, and that’s it.  I suppose we should have gone yesterday, but I would have been subjected to seeing people.

As of this past election day, the entire state of California must now use recyclable bags at any brick-and-mortar store.  Several counties passed this law previously, and now we all have to remember to bring in our bags or pay ten cents per plastic bag when you’re checking out.  (Granted, the bags are more heavy duty than the regular thin bags….but that ten cents a bag can add up.)

We have quite a few canvas and other bags that we’ve used for years.  And Target has given you a nickel for each bag you bring to the store.  We brought our bags in with us, of course, and Target is still giving the nickel-per-bag rebate.

So what was strange today?  We parked our car and started walking into the store.  A lady wheeled her cart to the trunk of her car and started transferring loose items from the cart to recyclable bags in her trunk!  Yes, into the car went a loaf of bread, some deodorant, and other items.  Why the hell didn’t she just bring those bags into the store with her?

Sometimes, I just don’t get people.



One thought on “Bagging the 60 Blog

  1. Sweetie probably because like my babe, she forgot one bring it with her until she was there and then said she wasn’t going back to the car…it’s hard living with a non organized person😅😎😆

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