Tripping the 60 Blog

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Henry Rollins:  No such thing as spare time.  No such thing as free time.  No such thing as down time.  All you got is life time.  Go. 

Leslie and I left on a short road trip today.  We drove about 90 miles to Temecula.  Oh no, we’re not going wine tasting.  We’re going to stay in a hotel, have someone make us breakfast, have another someone make our beds, and then we’ll go play some slots and bingo at an Indian casino.

Since yesterday was my 100th blog post, I didn’t want to spoil my streak.  So I’m writing this from the road.

We got to Temecula in the early afternoon, ready to play some slot machines. Oh, but no. It seems that the slot staff customarily takes some machines off-line for cleaning and repair. You’d expect someone to physically be cleaning the machines. Wrong!  You’d think they could do this work overnight. Wrong again. So we have about a third of the casino’s machines disabled, and people walking through the room practically waving their money around. Boy, if I ran this place…

Yes, I was notified by WordPress that I had written my 100th blog on Tuesday.  I started out wanting to write 60 blog posts before I turned 60.  I started ten days late, so my 50th post fell on my birthday.  And I’ve kept writing.

If you read this, please like it.  On both Facebook and WordPress if you can.  The more people who see it, and the more people who like it, the more I feel warm and fuzzy.



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