Besting the 60 Blog

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When you are with your best friend, it doesn’t matter whose idea it was as long as your alibis match.

Leslie and I continue our road trip today.  We are still in Temecula and plan to do a little bit of after-Christmas shopping.  Yes, we brought our recyclable bags, and we will see what’s left to buy.  I keep remembering what our garage (aka storage unit) looks like, and the thought of bringing anything new into that space gives me anxiety.

We stopped into a “cafe” for breakfast because we got out of the room too late for our free breakfast. This cafe seats about 50, Leslie and I have been here 30 minutes, and it’s just us and two workers. Leslie asked for a cup of water and the server brought one of those little plastic cups like you’d keep in the bathroom for swigging mouthwash.  So much for a nice breakfast while on vacation.

We shopped for a short while this afternoon, and managed to spend a few bucks on non-Christmas stuff. And now we’re trying to win at bingo after winning a little at a two-for-one slot machine.  Someone has to pay for the non-Christmas purchases.

Tomorrow will be the time to start planning for the new year.  How will you be extraordinary?




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