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Happiness is popping the bubble wrap that came inside the package you received in the mail.

Are you celebrating National Buffet Day?  I received an email today from the South Point hotel in Las Vegas reminding me to visit “the best buffet in Vegas.”  I would have liked to be there for the celebration, but we leave in five days for a cruise to the Mexican Riviera.  I’m sure I’ll enjoy a buffet every day next week!

It’s that time of the month (no, not THAT time of the month) to plan some meaningful celebrations during this first month of 2017.  Tomorrow, don’t forget to use a drinking straw while you dispose of the rest of your Christmas fruitcake.  Note:  does anyone really eat fruitcake any more?  My dad was fond of sending fruitcakes to friends (or were they his enemies?) from an online bakery in Texas and I always made sure I was on the recipient list.  I love fruitcake and haven’t had any in years.

January 4 is National Spaghetti Day, which would be more fitting if it fell on Sunday, January 8 for Sunday Supper Day.  Didn’t most of us enjoy Sunday supper with family and mom always made pasta (formerly known as macaroni)?

We get to drink extra milk on the 11th for National Milk Day.  On the 12th (one of our cruise days), it’s National Marzipan Day and National Curried Chicken Day.  I sure hope we are served lots of marzipan that day!  Once we’re home, we can celebrate National Nothing Day on the 16th and eat Fig Newtons too.

A good day for a movie (and maybe a free snack) is National Popcorn Day on the 19th.  Check with your local pie shop on the 23rd for a free slice of pie on National Pie Day.  Costco is discounting their two-pack of Skippy peanut butter this month to help you celebrate National Peanut Butter Day on the 24th–so stock up!

January 25th is National Opposite Day, and perhaps a perfect way to celebrate is to eat B.F.D.  Breakfast For Dinner.  January 30 is National Bubble Wrap Day (how fun!) and January 31 is National Backward Day.  Yojne!



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