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You never appreciate what you have till it’s gone.  Toilet paper is a good example.

I’ve probably mentioned this a dozen times already, but we leave on our cruise in a few days.  We’ll have a friend visit the house once a day so she can feed the cat and watch HBO.  And while she’s here, she’ll want to have snacks available.

This prompted me to run to the grocery store today.  I wanted to have food in the house when we return a week from Saturday so we wouldn’t be forced to eat M&Ms and lettuce for dinner.  The store was more crowded than I expected it to be, given that everyone should have returned to work today.  But I soldiered on and used lots of coupons to save a bit of money.

And looking around the house, we still have to pack up a few holiday decorations before we get our suitcases packed.  But what if I don’t want to?  Only our cat-sitter will know that the house is still Christmas-y.  Will she mind?  Do we care?  No!

Have you been on a cruise before?  We went last year at this time on a different cruise line, and had an okay time.  We’re sure this cruise will be better than last year, but we confirmed today that we have to bring our own hairdryer!  Wait, what?

I’ve created my packing list and have set aside a small purse, my passport, slippers, and lots of casual clothes.  We have two elegant dinners and I’m going to need to be creative in the next few days and create two stunning outfits.  Lots of jewelry may be in order.


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