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Edgar Cayce:  Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.

I had another strange dream last night, which included several of my “worlds” colliding.  Have you had that happen to you?

We have an upstairs neighbor who is pretty quiet  We keep each other informed when we’re traveling so that an extra pair of eyes is keeping watch.  In my dream, Ty told us he was going to be out of town and asked if we would keep an eye on his dog.  (Note:  he doesn’t have a dog.)  We just needed to make sure he was home at night, and someone else was in charge of feeding and walking him.  Okay, that sounded reasonable.

Next, I was working in an office, which looked like every office you see on TV… large conference room table with lots of people working and commotion going on.  I picture something like one of those claw arcade games.  I went out to lunch and accidentally left my cell phone behind.  (My lunch venue?  Midtown Manhattan.  Wait, what?)

When I came back from lunch, everyone was looking for me.  It seems that my cell phone had been ringing for an hour, and my phone was literally in the middle of a sea of people (see the inside of the claw arcade game).  But everyone knew it was my phone and I had to climb into the pile of people and toys to retrieve the phone.

I had dozens of messages from neighbors telling me that the dog I was in charge of had gotten out and was walking the neighborhood.  (The neighborhood?  The projects I lived in in the Bronx in the 60s, with no grass on the ground.)  Of course, I had to leave work and find the dog.  On the way home, I ran into a past president (Kathy) and the current executive director (Tammy) of a professional organization to which I belong.  Kathy was giving a speech at a rally in midtown Manhattan.  Tammy walked with me to tell me about some of her recent medical tests.  Her doctor instructed her to buy an Amazon Echo and take it with her to appointments because it will help in the doctor’s diagnoses.

What?  This dream encompassed my apartment from 1966, a job locale from 1980, professional colleagues from the 2000s, and my current neighbor.

Online research tells me:

  • Dreaming of an old house in disrepair may indicate that things are not currently being taken care of.  Internally, one may feel run down or out-of-sorts, and may be a sign of health issues.
  • Dreaming of an old job may indicate wanting things to be easier and the need to make money.
  • Dreaming of dog sitting may mean it’s time to pay attention to one’s surroundings.  To have a dream in which a dog is sitting means the dog is standing sentinel, and you should be ready for something to happen. Sometimes patience is key to discovery.
  • Dreaming of meeting someone from an old job and time has passed may be a sign of growth and maturation.
  • Dreaming of seeing or playing with a claw crane may point to something in your waking life that is within reach, but continues to escape your grasp.

Wow.  I expected this dream to be a bunch of nonsense.  But it’s given me a lot to think about next week when I’m cruising.  My interpretation?  I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor after my brief ER stay with a passed kidney stone, so we’ll be working on follow-up care.  Who doesn’t want things to be easier?  Something is right within my grasp and I just have to be patient.


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