Cashewing the 60 Blog

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Take vacations.  Go to as many places as you can.  You can always make money.  You can’t always make memories.

I spent today packing and getting ready for vacation.  Passport?  Check.  Tylenol PM?  Check.  Reading material and coloring books?  Check.  Cashews?  Check.

Yes, cashews.  I recently read that two handfuls of cashews may give you the equivalent of a prescription dose of Prozac and can help with depression.  Cashews contain niacin and tryptophan.  Some say two handfuls of cashews contain a “therapeutic amount” of tryptophan, enough to alter and elevate your mood. The real measurement, apparently, is three and a half ounces of cashews, about a one-half cup.  I’m glad to know the true measurement is a half-cup.  Because, really, what size is a handful?

This is good news for some who want a more natural response to depression or for those who react terribly to Prozac. Of course, cashews are delicious and can be found in milk or butter form. It is also possible to take cashews and turn them into something one can eat everyday to keep depression at bay.

Cashews are richer in magnesium than almonds, and magnesium is critical to a healthy mood and nervous system, helping treat anxiety and depression as a result. Magnesium also fights low blood sugar that can contribute to anxiety.  Other health benefits of cashews include improved heart, bone, and oral health, diabetes relief, improved nerve and muscle function, and relief of anemia and gallstones. They are also full of antioxidants that encourage a better immune system and aid in the formation of red blood cells.

So I went to Walmart, bought a big can of cashews (they were on sale!), and a little package of cupcake liners (holiday design on sale too!).  While we’re looking at the ocean, vegging out on the deck, playing Rummikub or other board games, we’ll all treat ourselves to two handfuls of cashews.  Is that two handfuls a day?   P.S.  I won’t be giving up my Prozac just yet.



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