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One day I’ll do amazing things.  Today I’ll be satisfied if I manage not to spill food on my boobs.

We reluctantly disembarked from the cruise ship this morning.  Seven days of family and friends, being unplugged from the internet, and eating and drinking just about any time of the day or night.

We boarded the Carnival Miracle last Saturday, ready to depart Long Beach for Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta.  Once on board, the crew directed the passengers to the Lido Deck and the welcome buffet.  An hour at the buffet and Leslie and I (plus friends and family–a group of eight) already felt like we were on a great vacation, and we were ready to set sail.  We pretended to be interested in the lifeboat drill and were then allowed to unpack our luggage.  Surprisingly, the cabin was a bit larger than we expected and we proceeded to unpack and enjoy our balcony view.

We had a television, of course, in the cabin and we were able to watch the four networks plus CNN and a few other stations.  The only problem?  All the stations were coming from Florida, so everything was three hours earlier.  While on the cruise, we went through two time zones (in Puerto Vallarta, the time was two hours earlier than California time) and we spent two days not really knowing what time it was.  And we certainly couldn’t figure out if we could find a favorite TV show.

We all had a wonderful time laughing, eating, kvetching, drinking, gambling, walking, eating, drinking, and gaming, along with enjoying some great comedians onboard the ship.  We learned that “Life without Google is not life” and kept repeating “We’re on a ship; where am I going?”

When we docked in Long Beach this morning, and left our room at 8:30, we went back to the buffet for one last free-for-all.  As we sat there drinking coffee and eating terrific hashbrown patties, Leslie looked at all of us and realized that we were no longer talking to each other.  We each had our faces buried in our phones checking emails and Facebook.  (I deleted 500+ emails and saved another 200+ to read once I got home.)

It felt free and refreshing to be disconnected for a week, but it was time to get back to reality.  And time to book our next cruise!



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