Collecting the 60 Blog

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When I think about books, I touch my shelf.

Some might consider Leslie and me packrats.  We have junk in our garage, aka storage unit, but we have some really nice collectibles on a wall unit in our living room.  Things like a Lladro piece we brought back from Spain in the 70s, a New York Yankees Statue of Liberty, two beautiful menorahs, some Precious Moments statuettes, an ashtray my parents received in the 70s, and a Murano glass paperweight.

Our friend Beth was due to pick us up on Saturday morning and drive us to the Long Beach Pier for our cruise.  I was busy emptying the dishwasher and Leslie was zipping up her suitcase when we heard a crash.  Clooney (Leslie’s cat) was at my feet, so we knew it wasn’t him knocking something over.

Instead, the top shelf on the right side of the wall unit fell down; the shelf pegs just gave way.  Cracking glass, Clooney running scared, Leslie and I both cursing and wondering what the hell just happened!  We have had the wall unit and its prized possessions for many years and nothing has ever happened before.  After getting over the shock, we started picking up the pieces of broken items and moving the surviving pieces to the counter.  I went for the vacuum to pick up the broken glass when, all of a sudden, the second shelf crashed down.

Leslie just stared and started crying.  I was in shock.  Half of our shotglass collection had fallen into Clooney’s bed, other pieces were broken across the room, and two yet-to-be-wrapped Christmas presents were now dust.  The clock was ticking, and we had to be ready to leave in a few minutes.  We loaded trash bags full of broken glass and memories and vacuumed the glass and dust.

Ultimately, we realized that we lost only a few sentimental pieces (so long, patriotic Snoopy) and we were very lucky that the glass shelves didn’t break!  Now, we have to put the surviving pieces back together, once we reinforce the shelf pegs.  And have Marissa here to help us, of course.




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