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Irish saying:  If something bad happens, “Put the kettle on.”  If something good happens, “Put the kettle on.”

Without discussing my own personal political beliefs, I just wanted to remind you about tomorrow’s presidential inauguration.  As if you can miss it.  Approval ratings are down, TV ratings are up, musicians will perform while other musicians will choose to not appear, and Washington insiders either will or won’t attend the festivities this weekend.  Who knows what is really happening?

We know that our 45th president will be sworn in on Friday morning.  Some of us will be glued to the television and/or social media to watch every minute of the ceremony and other events of the day.  Some of us will not watch the ceremonies and tune our TVs to any channel that won’t add to network ratings (the goal being that Mr. Trump’s ceremonies won’t earn record-breaking ratings).

A few of my friends are card-carrying Trump supporters and believe their candidate is the next best thing to sliced bread.  (By the way, Betty White turned 95 yesterday and was born before the bread-slicing machine was invented.  Does that make sliced bread better than Betty White?)  But I digress.

Another group of my friends are planning to boycott everything Trump.  No viewing the ceremonies, no social media, and certainly no positive feelings toward No. 45.

It’s imperative we all participate in our government process.  Not happy with your elected officials?  Vote for someone else next Election Day!  Or run for a local office yourself!  Do you want them to vote a certain way regarding something that’s important to you, like health care or arts education?  Let them know!

Health care is an important issue for me and I will be following that closely as the Senate looks to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  I will be communicating with my local representatives and letting them know how I feel, and I urge you to do the same.

All we can agree on, I’m sure, is that we will all be putting the kettle on tomorrow.





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