Raining the 60 Blog

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Fredrik Bachman:  Men are what they are because of what they do.  Not what they say.

Book club met today and we discussed A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Bachman.  It’s the story of a curmudgeonly old man, his friends, and the neighborhood cat.  It’s a Swedish story and I was only halfway through the book when we found out that it had been made into a movie in 2014.  Leslie and I watched the movie (with subtitles) and I was able to commit to a book club discussion since I hadn’t yet read the ending.  (I promise to finish the book this week!)  Ultimately, it’s a love story and the lead character had a big heart, although he wasn’t always aware of it.  If you have ever driven a Saab (or even if you haven’t), I’d recommend the book.

But really, the news of the day is the rain here in Southern California.  It’s been raining all day and this is certainly weather I’d prefer to watch from inside my home.  While having lunch at the dining room table, we watched the rain and wind blow patio chairs over.  About 2:30, all of our phones dinged with a National Weather Service emergency message warning of possible flash floods in the next three hours.

Some of us were only driving a few miles home on city streets, and some of us were getting on the freeway.  We are expecting rain for at least another 24 hours, and I know that our weather is nothing like other parts of the country are experiencing.

Again, as much as I’d like to stay home tomorrow and watch the rain from inside, I haven’t yet made it to Costco!



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