Honeydew-ing the 60 Blog

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My mind always races with so many things I want to get done today, but my body always says “Whoa…slow down there Sparky!”

Who doesn’t like honeydew melon (also known as honeymelon)?  It’s a fruit of the muskmelon and is a sister to the crenshaw, casaba, Persian, and winter melons.  In California, honeydew is in season from August until October.  I can’t wait!

But in today’s headline, “honeydew” stands for “honey do.”  As in, “honey, do this task and I’ll be grateful.” Leslie has tasked me with finding a good handyman for some little “honeydews” around the homestead (condo-stead?).  Maybe the handyman could also be a plumber?

We are reminded daily of the day we left for our cruise, when two glass shelves inexplicably decided to jump off our wall unit.  Glass broken, collectibles set aside on the counter, and a big empty opening on the credenza.  We need to find someone who can reinforce the pegs so that they don’t fall again.

After a lovely book club luncheon yesterday, it’s now time to start planning for Leslie to host in February.  Getting eleven people around our dining room table is a challenge, and planning a menu is always fun.  Our book-of-the-month is the latest Michael Connelly book featuring Harry Bosch, and it takes place in and around Los Angeles.  Perhaps Leslie will want to serve some LA-native food.  I’m just not sure what kind of food that is.

So, this honey has a few weeks to find someone we can pay to do some honeydews in the house, in order for our book club guests to not notice the missing shelves and leaky kitchen faucet.



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